Making Reading Easy

If we’re going to make reading easy for our readers we as writers have to work hard and I’m going to show you some of the tools of trade that you can use in meeting these expectations well let’s begin with the argument the evidence the research which in your case will be basically reading they’re not doing other kinds of research clear expression and use of feedback well what does it mean to say an essay should have an argument I guess I must have known in some kind of way wasn’t that when I was an undergraduate because I did moderately well but when I first started teaching I taught at Monash for eight years before I came here I was really puzzled in the staff room listening to these lecturers grumbling and complaining about the students handing in SS that didn’t have an argument.

I thought poor little things who were they meant to be picking a fight with I mean what’s always tough about arguments but it’s not an argument in the sense of you know the stand up Barney with someone whom you’ve got a profound disagreement about so it may in a more polite form take that form an argument is your informed opinion about a topic so you’re arguing it out you’re giving the reasons for the opinion that you hold and you’re backing that up with evidence and you’re also showing that you’re looking for evidence that might tell against this argument that you’re developing so an argument is your informed opinion and here are some examples of essay questions that might be set in summary undergraduate courses and the first one looks like it might be sociology or politics the second one looks like psych ecology and the third one could be either sac or sociology don’t have to take notes because the slides will be up on the web so unless something strategy was incredibly noteworthy and you’re afraid it won’t be on the sly.

So there’s no need for you to take notes well the answer to that first one protects from yes yes obvious it did oh no not didn’t there was something else Oh partly but I can guarantee if you just fought yes no or powerfully as your answer to that essay that would be a great big fat zero because you wouldn’t have expanded on your reasons and you wouldn’t have given evidence for those reasons and you wouldn’t have showed that you’d looked at contrary arguments again that yes no partly would be possible answers to all three of those questions that would need to be expanded on with your reasons and the evidence and the counter evidence I think essay questions are easier to cope with if they have a question mark on the end because then you can set what yes not likely but sometimes and they say is Gretton as presented as a statement and you’re told to discuss compare and contrast.