How To Use Transition Words

I’m going to be talking about one particular benefit that we need to take into consideration so the best sentence to fix this situation is these benefits are even more pronounced when one takes into consideration just go straight for these benefits these basically talks about the same benefits is the last sentence and we’re going to talk about one particular one so we don’t need a whole big transition word don’t force the transition words in there I know all not all of you but some of you like to memorize a few transition words and you’d like to force them into your paragraph the graters of the aisle to the TOEFL they understand what you’re doing it’s working against you not for you but in everyday life. Read more on transition in essay at Robotdon.

When you’re doing writing the reader will notice it too because it doesn’t need to be there if it doesn’t need to be there don’t force it into your thing into your writing okay okay let’s go on to the next example now this one I took straight out of an essay that was sent to me for assessment a student she actually writes very well her name is Nora and she wrote this essay and I took one sentence out of it because it’s a very nice sentence and I wanted to share with you to show you how a good sentence work I have to fix a couple of little things but mostly it’s the same if I had not been to the Museum of terracotta warriors or sorry let me give you a little background this essay is about should museums be closed do we still need museums considering we have the Internet and we can see everything online if I had if I had not been to the Museum of terracotta warriors in northern China.

I could not even imagine the visually striking scene of hundreds of sculptures standing in front of me even though I had seen its pictures on numerous occasions on the Internet so she’s obviously arguing that yes we still need museums because seeing the thing in real life is not the same as seeing it on the screen on the computer right but she starts with if I had not been so she’s creating a situation then I could not even imagine could not even imagine right because it’s so striking the reality of it but she has that very clear contrast using the conditional okay even though I had seen it so she’s emphasizing the fact that she has seen it okay but even though she has seen it on the computer it’s not the same seeing it in real life so this sentence is very cohesive and it gives a very clear understanding of why seeing something in real life and seeing it on the computer is not the same thing and that’s why we need museums to continue to exist okay so very good example there.