Cusco Accommodation Where to stay in Cusco

If there’s one thing that Cusco is not short of, its accommodation. There are several hotels and hostels on just about every street, and I would guess that within the main tourist center of Cusco there are well over a hundred hotels and hostels (it certainly seems like that anyway). Cusco accommodation comes in many varieties and suits all types of travel budgets. Here’s an overview of the kind of accommodation you can expect to find in Cusco.

Budget hostels

At the lower end for people on a really tight budget (hello backpackers!), you can find some really cheap hostels for as little as $5 a night. Facilities at this kind of hostels will be incredibly basic and you’ll be lucky to get a warm shower at price. You probably won’t find any of the really cheap hostels on the online hostel booking sites, so you’ll need to be in Cuzco itself to find these types of places.

Quality Hostels

For people who can’t afford hotels (or just prefer the social aspect of hostels) but still want a comfortable place with decent facilities, there are some really good quality hostels in Cusco, often with private rooms available if you don’t want to sleep in a dorm. Expect to pay around $15 a night at the better hostels.

Budget Hotels

Next up the accommodation ladder are the budget hotels which cost anything from around $15 to $40 a night. Most of the online hotel booking sites don’t list the budget hotels, and the best place to find a room for this kind of price is probably in Cusco itself. The budget hotels are usually clean and comfortable and more than adequate for most travelers.

Mid-priced Hotels

There are a lot of mid-price hotels in Cusco that cost in the region of $45 to $150 per night. At this kind of price, you’re going to experience quite a lot of luxury in a place like Cusco.

Luxury Hotels

If you like to travel in style and money’s no object then there are some very exclusive and luxurious hotels in Cusco. Probably the most well know is Hotel Monasterio which is a 5-star hotel and is positioned right in the middle of Cusco’s tourist center. Expect to pay over $500 a night at this rather exclusive establishment!

Apartments in Cusco

If you intend to stay several weeks or more then the best value accommodation is probably an apartment. There are many apartments available to rent in Cusco that you can rent for as little as a week. The San Blas area is probably the best place to find an apartment in Cusco.

Staying with families

If you really want to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture and also improve your Spanish then there are also many opportunities to live with Peruvian families in Cusco. There are many Spanish Schools in Cusco that can arrange for you to live with a family.