Contribution and Research Paper

I think that’s really important and it’s surprising how often people don’t do that even when they do have contribution sections are you with it any other any observations I want to notice one other thing here is that I’ve um I brought forward references in this language of these bullets I’ve got these forward references to sections in the paper so and I did that here do you see here who’s been precisely Section four Bravo discussing section five and six in contrasting section seven and what that says is what you should not do is have a often you seen introductions motivation contributions and then the rest of this paper is structured as follows in Section two we do this at section three we do that how many of you read that read that paragraph yes well you know. More on contribution aspect at Edusson.

About 50% of papers do this and when you read it are you thinking wow section two is going to be about this I’m so filled right do read that section you read that paragraph very carefully you skip it don’t you everybody skips it and it’s on page one which is your most precious page so don’t waste those precious bytes on the front page with stuff that nobody is going to read instead instead of this stuff you see putting it in the narrative like I was doing here here and here now these have a much different status but now you’re making claims and for every claim you’re giving a forward reference to we’re in the paper you’re going to substantiate that claim and that is genuinely helpful to reviewers because they can look at the claims and if you don’t have the forward reference they say well I wonder where in the paper I would find substance for this so they leave through it and they miss it right you want to say it’s precisely as you can where the evidence is and that then that’s actually useful and it comes so naturally into the flow of something like this.

It’s really good strongly recommend this yes this is what’s on page one yeah we’re still on page one so these contributions can’t spread too long either you’ve got to sort of compress them to say what what yeah we’re still on page one yeah right version of these like saying we have a thing that you have to cut down when you are I mean shrinking the paper because most of these things also safe I mean don’t ask to cock down for it ring the people oh you hunk of this to show you the paper this is page one happening in ordi yeah it’s tough it’s you have eight pages you’ve got ten pages of text this is the page you cannot shrink one page which is mostly a third of which is title and authors is what you’ve got to state your contributions and the problem don’t shrink that don’t try to put your payload on on page one I think because this is the bit that people will read right and so you have to have enough content here that they know whether to carry on.